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Make a smart investment with commercial solar installations that let you harvest the benefits of sustainable energy. RoofTek® is who other businesses in the area call for the project because we handle everything with the utmost attention to detail to give you superior value. If you're in Lithia Springs, GA, let us assess the work required and offer you an accurate quote.

What RoofTek® Does for Commercial Solar

Commercial solar services are for retail, industrial, or institutional properties that need larger panels to harness enough electricity for their operations. Services begin with an evaluation of the roof to figure out the best placement and making sure we have everything necessary to get started on the project. It's important for solar panels to be fitted ideally in full exposure of the sun in order to generate electrical power. We will deploy trained and experienced contractors to handle installation, so you can be set up with a system that functions at its best.

Our commercial solar services are comprehensive and include a streamlined process for an enjoyable customer experience from start to finish:


A technician begins each job by inspecting the layout of the roof to assess proper placement of the panels. This is carried out before commencing the project to test for shade and determine how many panels will be required for the size of a building.

Acquiring Permits:

We handle acquiring necessary permits and come up with a course of action for how we will perform the commercial solar installation process according to local building laws.


The installation will be conducted expertly by our team to guarantee a building will be able to generate power with no issues.


We'll activate the solar system and check that it all operates as planned.

Assuming the roof is not obstructed from the sun, there are typically no problems with solar installation. Join the ranks of the many commercial property owners who have made the switch to solar roofing. Our expert technicians can help you lower electrical energy bills with a more efficient way to generate power. There's no place better for commercial solar services than RoofTek® thanks to our commitment to providing an excellent customer experience. We've simplified the process for your convenience, so all you have to do is book a consultation with one of our contractors to get started.

Why Should My Business Get a Solar Panel Installation?

If you're thinking about getting solar panels installed on your building, you're already making a huge step toward an ethical mission of powering your facility with cleaner energy solutions. Additionally, they are an ideal choice for any commercial building that has a desire to reduce their energy expenses, realize significant cost savings, and improve their property.

By contacting RoofTek® for commercial solar services, you can look forward to saying goodbye to high energy bills and hello to generating renewable energy for your building. Solar roofing is one of the most eco-friendly solutions when it comes to modernizing a building, and they've become much more capable of supplying power to buildings. You, too, can take advantage of green energy when you make the decision to receive commercial solar panel installations from RoofTek®.

There are plenty of commercial property owners who have made the switch to renewable energy and experienced positive results in the long run. If you're considering commercial solar panel installations, contact the pros at RoofTek® so we can get started conducting an inspection to see how suited the building is for the construction and benefits of the technology. If viable, we will then figure out what number of panels are necessary to generate enough electricity for the building.

Our professional technicians work fast to attach panels to your roof, and once installation is complete, they usually won't need a ton of maintenance afterward. Having a commercial solar panel installation performed is always a good decision because they significantly reduce utility bills and boost the property value, and the system can even end up paying for itself in the long run.

Other rewards that solar roofing can deliver to your business include:

  • Fantastic ROI
  • Boosting economic and job growth
  • Significant savings on energy bills
  • Increased property value
  • Decrease carbon footprint

RoofTek® conducts commercial solar panel installations for commercial structures ready to take advantage of our reliable, advanced technology made from the best parts and components. Our solar panels are designed to be an integral aspect in the way the building operates and will be one of the most impactful decisions you can make for contributing to the future environmental health of your community and the world. Make the right decision now by investing in the highest-rated commercial solar panel installation services from RoofTek®.

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The RoofTek® Process

Our process is straightforward, which means our teams are efficient from the initial quote through the completed project. We value and respect our team, and together we value and respect you and appreciate the opportunity to work on your roof!

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Contact your local RoofTek® and schedule an appointment with our team to assess your project. We will thoroughly review your property and created a quote for the required work.

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Once we have provided our quote we work with you to come up with a suitable plan. We review your budget, options, and schedule to ensure that you are satisfied with the project.

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Our teams get to work quickly and work efficiently so your project is completed on time, and on the agreed-upon price-point. We also clean up when the work is completed.

We Are This Location's Highest-Rated Commercial Solar Company

We're the most professional commercial solar company in Lithia Springs, GA, and customers trust our knowledgeable roofing contractors who put their needs first and have the certifications to get the job done right the first time. Beginning with the initial assessment down to the last detail of the installation process, we are devoting close attention to our work in order to meet your total satisfaction. In addition to superior workmanship, we carry high-quality solar panels with industry-leading warranties to give you peace of mind that you're getting the most from your investment. There's not much maintenance required, which means they're more than worth the cost seeing as they eventually pay for themselves over time. If you're ready to make the switch to energy independence, get in touch with our staff for more information.

RoofTek® will give you a better experience when obtaining commercial solar installation:

  • Our technicians have the knowledge to correctly perform commercial solar panel installations, accounting for everything to make sure that it functions well for you.
  • We cherish our clients and are considerate of your business requirements and property, which is why we're available to answer questions and address concerns throughout the process.
  • Communication is critical when we're delivering our services and we discuss the project ahead of time to eliminate surprises when it comes to completion dates and budget.
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Financing Available for Commercial Solar Panel Installations

A solar panel installation is a big project that involves a lot of work. Add this to the cost of the system itself, and the number can add up. However, we believe that it’s important to have the ability to get a commercial solar panel installation, and this is why RoofTek® offers financing.


In order to finance, there will be a down payment required. During the inspection process we will make some calculations to determine what this is.


When everything is factored into the project, we’ll have a solid number for the project.


Once the numbers have been determined, we can set you up on a financing plan for your commercial solar panel installation project.

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