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Getting solar panels installed on your commercial property is a wise investment and an excellent way to benefit from a sustainable energy source. If you're considering getting a solar panel installation for your building, then RoofTek® is the team to contact.

What Can RoofTek® Do for Commercial Solar

RoofTek® provides superior commercial solar services in Alpharetta, , providing companies with the ability to harvest the power of the sun and boost their energy efficiency with commercial solar panels uniquely constructed for the demands of businesses. These panels can be more powerful than residential ones, enabling businesses to utilize a greater portion of the sun's energy and significantly lower their dependence on traditional power sources.

The partners at RoofTek® possesses the expertise to install commercial solar panels on buildings of all types and sizes. In contrast with most commercial solar companies in the area, we prioritize unmatched speed of installation and service. We comprehend the importance of minimizing interruptions to your business operations, which is why we work efficiently to deliver a smooth and timely installation process.

Our commercial solar services follow a comprehensive approach to ensure maximum energy efficiency and power for your facility:

Initial Evaluation:

Our skilled technicians thoroughly inspect the structure to evaluate the most effective commercial solar roofing solution. This assessment enables us to establish the optimal placement and configuration of solar panels, maximizing their effectiveness and energy generation.

Obtaining Permits:

We retain responsibility for obtaining all the necessary permits and complying with local codes and regulations. We guarantee that your commercial solar installation fulfills all safety and legal requirements, delivering you peace of mind throughout the project.


With our skill and know-how, we quickly and flawlessly connect commercial solar panels on your building to minimize downtime to the organization.


After installation, RoofTek® checks that your commercial solar installation operates optimally with comprehensive testing and quality assurance. Our commitment to using the highest quality materials means that your system will need minimal upkeep and perform at its full potential.

By hiring us for your commercial solar installation, businesses in Alpharetta, will benefit from our powerful and efficient solar products, experienced contractors, swift turnaround time, and continuous support. We are committed to assisting businesses in accomplishing more energy efficiency and contributing to a sustainable future.

Why Should My Facility Get a Solar Panel Installation?

Commercial solar panels offer several benefits and advantages to all kinds of businesses in Alpharetta, , and the technology has made great strides in efficiency and style over the last few years. Today's commercial solar panels are not the eye sores they were when the system first came out, with bulky apparatuses and low viability. We have relationships with some of the best manufacturers in the industry who design stylish panels that can blend in with the architecture of the building and convert much more of the sun's energy per square foot of surface area they occupy.

The improved energy efficiency and storage of solar panels in the past few years have led to a boom in commercial solar services in the region. While the technology is much better suited for commercial adoption today than it was in the past, not all commercial solar companies have the experience and skill to apply it to all kinds of commercial buildings. Our experts have come up with successful solutions for commercial solar installations on structures of all kinds and purposes, including flat and sloped roofs and areas with minimal exposure to the sun. No matter the type of building or even if you've never thought commercial solar panels were an option, contact us to discover how we can develop a solution for you.

You can tap into diverse tax advantages for your business by switching to commercial solar roofing. Tax breaks and other regional, state, and federal incentives exist for companies taking up this green technology, but they are just a few of the many advantages of commercial solar installation:

  • Exceptional return on investment - the significantly higher upfront cost of commercial solar installation can be thought of as an investment when you add up the tax incentives and savings for your business in the long term.
  • Accelerates employment and business development - savings generated through switching to commercial solar panels can be re-invested into expanding business operations, potentially generating new jobs and revenue over time.
  • Discover long-term savings with reduced energy costs - lowering overhead expenditures by reducing monthly property management costs generates significant savings for any business.
  • Increased property value - Commercial solar installation is a sought-after feature in the commercial real estate market that buyers often pay more for.
  • Reduces carbon footprint - Fulfill your company's mission and values by picking green energy sources that are better for the world.
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The RoofTek® Process

Our process is straightforward, which means our teams are efficient from the initial quote through the completed project. We value and respect our team, and together we value and respect you and appreciate the opportunity to work on your roof!

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Contact your local RoofTek® and schedule an appointment with our team to assess your project. We will thoroughly review your property and created a quote for the required work.

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Once we have provided our quote we work with you to come up with a suitable plan. We review your budget, options, and schedule to ensure that you are satisfied with the project.

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Our teams get to work quickly and work efficiently so your project is completed on time, and on the agreed-upon price-point. We also clean up when the work is completed.

We Are This Location's Most Dependable Commercial Solar Company

We are the highest-rated commercial solar company in Alpharetta, , and customers know they can count on our expert roofing contractors to put their needs first and have the certifications to get the job done right the first time. From the initial evaluation down to the last detail of the installation process, we are paying careful attention to our work in order to meet your complete satisfaction. In addition to excellent workmanship, we carry top-quality solar panels and offer warranties to give you peace of mind that you're getting the most out of your investment. There isn't much upkeep involved, which guarantees they're more than worth the cost seeing as they eventually pay for themselves over time. If you're prepared to make the switch to solar power, call our office for more information.

RoofTek® supplies a better experience when obtaining commercial solar installation:

  • Our experts have the talent to flawlessly execute commercial solar panel installations, accounting for everything to make sure that it'll work properly for you.
  • We cherish our customers and are considerate of your commercial operations and property, which is why we're available to field your questions and address concerns throughout the installation.
  • Transparency is fundamental when we're delivering our services and we discuss the details ahead of time to eliminate surprises when it comes to completion dates and budget.
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Financing Available for Commercial Solar Panel Installations

A solar panel installation is a big project that involves a lot of work. Add this to the cost of the system itself, and the number can add up. However, we believe that it’s important to have the ability to get a commercial solar panel installation, and this is why RoofTek® offers financing.


In order to finance, there will be a down payment required. During the inspection process we will make some calculations to determine what this is.


When everything is factored into the project, we’ll have a solid number for the project.


Once the numbers have been determined, we can set you up on a financing plan for your commercial solar panel installation project.

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